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Digital footprints are the trail and traces on the Internet that we leave behind us as a result of our web activities. There are two types of foot print; The first is explicit, such as a facebook post or a tweet that you intentionally make, while the other, is implicit, you may not realise it but the post that you just left, may hold a lot more personally identifiable information than you think. In todays technology driven world understanding the foot print that your company and it’s employees leave behind is a vital layer of security that not only allows you to protect your valuable data but also guard your company’s on-line reputation.

Watch our CEO Damon Rands talking about the Dangers of digital footprints

“The growth of digital business in the modern world is creating lots of opportunities for organisations, but with it also comes a new range of threats in the form of cyber attacks.”

Almost everyone at one time or another has been guilty of sharing too much information, from job specifications to social media the explicit and implicit trail left behind provides a wealth of valuable information.  

Unfortunately one day your company will be visited by a hacker, eager to gain access to your systems. No one knows the reason why, you could be an easy target used to gain access to one of your clients as part of a supply chain attack, like Fazio mechanical were used to infiltrate the retail giant Target in 2013. It may just be because you are the actual target, or, it could even be simply a malicious act, the frightening truth is your company will be visited.

The first stage of a hackers attack will be analysing the digital foot print of your company. Using the internet to identify important employee’s, your clients and your suppliers, the attacker will harvest all the available information and use this to build a sustained attack, from phishing emails topassword cracking, powered by the information found online, the more there is the quicker they will gain access. 

Understanding how to manage your online reputation or digital footprint can be difficult ,even for those of us who have been using the internet for a long time. To complicate matters further, it’s not just our own online actions we need to worry about what others say and post about us also contributes to our digital footprint.

When a new client is introduced to your company it is almost certain that they will research your company online, can you be certain what they will find ?

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