Todays technology is a vital element in almost all business activities, this means it is essential for someone to take a lead role within your organisation to direct information security programs such as; awareness training, compliance, business continuity, management, regulatory, as well as the new European Union Data Protection Regulation.

Recent escalations in fines for data loss show that it’s not just hackers that put organisations at risk, and the threat landscape itself is changing rapidly with cloud and BYOD technologies still not fully mature or widely accredited.

virtualCISO is a senior information security leader with Chief Information Security Officer experience, capable of working seamlessly within your organisation to create and move the Information security strategy forward in a coherent way. 

Working as an integral part of your management team, the virtualCISO will ensure the development of a sound information security management system that will allow your company to prosper and also allow it to concentrate on its business goals.

virtualCISO is designed for organisations that need leadership towards building an Information Security program but don’t need a full-time employee and the costs associated with them.

With the UK average salary of a CISO now at £95,000 many organisations are unable to appoint, or do not require, a full time CISO, but are still committed to their information security. virtualCISO service allows you to run your business in a secure manner and not have to worry about regulatory and compliance concerns.

While your organisation may have an IT team (internal or an external 3rd party supplier) and employees managing the majority of their IT issues and requirements, they will rarely have an experienced IT security team and CISO. This results in challenges on an immediate basis, particularly when it comes to addressing the company’s longterm or strategic information security needs.

We provide independent and unbiased guidance to address information security requirements driven by regulatory and compliance objectives

We provide recommendations for risk management practices and provide strategies to help mitigate risk. While working closely with a carefully selected, experienced team to cover all our clients’ information security requirements. We utilise our pool of experts to perform most of the tasks typically assigned to your in-house Chief Information Security Officer. 

virtualCISO is a truly cost effective solution to help your organisation rise to the challenges you are facing with information security, risk management and compliance. sensible cost & benefit performance while maintaining high quality standards.

We operate a simple pricing structure that can be tailored to suit your organisations IS needs.