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How to simplify your security strategy save up to 80%

with virtual ciso

Today’s technology is a vital element in almost all business activities. This means it is essentials for someone to take the lead role in your organisation; to direct information security programs such as awareness training, compliance, business continuity, management, regulatory as well as the new European Union Data Protection Regulation.

VirtualCISO is a senior information security leader with Chief Information Security Officer experience, capable of working seamlessly within your organisation to create and move the information security strategy forward in a coherent way.

Working as an integral part of your management team, the virtualCISO will ensure the development of a sound information security management system that will allow your company to proper and also allow it to concentrate on it’s business goals.

VirtualCISO is a truly cost effective solution to help your organisation rise to the challenges you are facing with information security, risk management and compliance, sensible cost & benefit performance while maintaining high quality standards.We operate a simple pricing structure that can be tailored to suit your organisations IS needs.


virtualCISO is designed for organisations that need leadership towards building an Information Security program but don’t need a full-time employee and the costs associated with them.