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Wolfberry Cyber are a leading Cyber Security Consultancy with offices in London and Dubai, though its roots are firmly based in Newport Wales. We provide our services across the globe, helping organisations of all sizes in all sectors to identify and manage the cyber risks they face.

With our managed Viper technology we are able to identify the holes in your networks before the hackers do.

We are proud to be recognised by the Computing Security Awards 2019 as a finalist for Penetration Testing Service of the year.


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We have developed our Viper VS technology over the past four years using our experience as one of the UK’s leading Cyber Essentials certification bodies. Our research has led us to develop a small form device that when connected to your company’s network enables us to review the security posture of every connected device. Viper VS deployments are controlled from our Secure Operations Centre based in the University of South Wales in Newport.

Subscription service

To provide complete peace of mind Wolfberry provide Viper as a subscription service providing everything that the Viper Cyber Essentials Plus assessment has to offer while ensuring that you can manage your company’s cyber essentials compliance throughout the year.  The subscription includes a plethora of additional exclusive services, including;

Monthly Reports
A complete monthly report showing the current status of your company’s network, with a historical reference reflecting the changes allowing you to spot trends and make the appropriate changes.

Unlimited instant retests
As part of your subscription service, there are no restrictions to the number of retests performed, whether it is against your whole network, subnet or an individual device.

Viper 360-degree Audit

 Internal audit

As part of the testing process Viper will audit the entire internal network, from pc’s to servers and printers to smart TV’s, as well as remote offices.

Not only does Viper identify the threats your network faces internally it also can look outside and view your system as an external attacker would, highlighting actions that need to be taken to protect your systems.


Hassle free Cyber Essentials certification
As part of your subscription service, Wolfberry will manage the application and renewal process, leaving you to concentrate on your day job.

 Quarterly Review
Wolfberry will be on hand to provide guidance and recommendations to help your company’s security posture improve. As we do not sell IT products and solutions you can trust us to provide advice that benefits your network defences.


What can an outside attacker see?
Some of the devices on your network are accessible through the public internet, introducing vulnerabilities that can allow a hacker to view parts of your network from anywhere in the world and even gain access to your most important data.



The identified issues are combined into reports that explain what the issues are, why they are issues and how to resolve them. Once the necessary remediations are made a retest can be performed immediately, at any time of day on any day of the year.


Cyber Essentials

Prove your company takes cyber security seriously

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Cyber Essentials helps you to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security. The Cyber Essentials scheme provides guidance to help all sizes of organisations measure their defences against common forms of cyber attacks.


The systems that fall under the scope of the Cyber Essentials scheme include internet connected end-user devices (e.g. desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones) and Internet connected systems (e.g. email, web and application servers).

"Businesses large and small are being urged to protect themselves against cyber crime, after new Government statistics found nearly half of all UK businesses suffered a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months”


Penetration Testing

Will your systems CRACK under pressure


Your network is constantly under pressure, how do you identify the weakest and most vulnerable parts?

A penetration test involves simulating an attack to uncover weaknesses in your processes, systems and technologies before they can be abused or exploited. Wolfberry’s testing team are specialists and certified across a range of disciplines with in-depth knowledge of the latest trends, technologies, and attack vectors.  We test at Tier 1 through to 3 (reconnaissance to full exploitation) across the following services:

  • External infrastructure testing

  • Internal infrastructure testing

  • Web application testing

  • Wireless penetration testing

  • Phishing tests



Support when its needed



How to simplify your security strategy save up to 80%

with virtual ciso

Today’s technology is a vital element in almost all business activities. This means it is essentials for someone to take the lead role in your organisation; to direct information security programs such as awareness training, compliance, business continuity, management, regulatory as well as the new European Union Data Protection Regulation.

VirtualCISO is a senior information security leader with Chief Information Security Officer experience, capable of working seamlessly within your organisation to create and move the information security strategy forward in a coherent way.

Working as an integral part of your management team, the virtualCISO will ensure the development of a sound information security management system that will allow your company to proper and also allow it to concentrate on it’s business goals.

VirtualCISO is a truly cost effective solution to help your organisation rise to the challenges you are facing with information security, risk management and compliance, sensible cost & benefit performance while maintaining high quality standards.We operate a simple pricing structure that can be tailored to suit your organisations IS needs.


Working at Wolfberry



Wolfberry are looking for

A qualified Cyber Essentials Standard and IASME Governance auditor

If you wish to apply for any of the roles listed please submit your CV and covering letter to and we will be in touch.