The human factor is a major cause of security breaches

Wolfberry’s Security Awareness Training teaches your employees the fundamentals of security and how to detect if an attack is occurring. The concepts that the students learn will range from understanding the importance of password complexity, what a web browser SSL certificate error means, through to the different types of social engineering attacks including Phishing emails, tail-gating, phone-based and in-person attacks. This training increases your organisation’s security awareness in order to prevent the weakest layer of your security being exploited. Your Employees. We also offer bespoke training packages to suit different work environments. Find out more

Security awareness training

Our most recent Cyber Security Awareness training has covered the following areas;

  • What to expect of the Data Protection Regulations
  • Email defence against phishing and other attacks
  • What not to post on Social networking
  • Understanding Social engineering 
  • Trojan software and rootkits
  • Fundamentals of Wireless networking
  • Laptop security and encryption
  • Credit cards and the PCI Data Security Standard
  • Cyber security laws and you
  • The downside of BYOD and Mobile Security
  • DOS and DDOS 
  • The Darknet / Tor
  • Google hacking
  • Why we need Password Policies
  • Securing the Cloud
  • Understanding the Internet of Things